Shining Light (ex_miang438) wrote in digitalinsanity,
Shining Light

Free community! Don't cost nothin'!

Attention digitalinsanity denizens!

Here's a funny one for you: I took over maintainership of this community, oh, about two years ago now, mostly to deal with the spam problem that was plaguing my friends page at the time. I haven't really done much with it, and (relevant, on-topic) traffic through here has been predictably slow in the meantime.

Does anyone want to take the community off my hands, maybe try to drum up some interest via community_promo, or at least keep the detritus at bay? I'm pretty much done with LJ once my paid time runs out later today, and after all the work I had to go through to seize this place from the last ex-LJer who ran it, I'd rather orchestrate a nice, convenient handoff while I'm still accessible online.

Comment here if you're interested. You get a bonus if you've moderated a forum or community before and it hasn't devolved into a troll-trap, but at this point I may just settle for anyone who can promise to be around for a couple of years. :)

And hell, since I'm leaving anyway, what's one more on-topic question: What the heck is everyone else playing these days? I just finished Trace Memory and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations in the last two weeks, and I guess that means I'm heading back to Seraphic Gate in Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria until something more interesting comes out.
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