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Ok, first of all, I'm sorry about the spam, and the cross posting, but I swear, it's for a good cause, or something...

Have you ever coded or want to code on a MUD? Well this might be a good opportunity for you! If you have knowledge of CircleMUD code, C or C++, we might be looking for you!

About Outlands: Our staff currently consists of people who have been mudding/building for many years. It is a medieval fantasy based mud, and is up and running 24/7. We have approximately 40 zones and over 3000 rooms in progress, with many of them already open and playable. We are still in beta stages but plan to open fully and operational within the next few weeks to a month, but we need more coders!

Please contact the owner of OutlandsMUD, Aenarion at if interested. Please be sure to include any experience or training that you may have and how long you have played/worked on a mud before. If you would like to look at what has been done so far, please feel free to log on at 4100.

We are also accepting applications for builders (please come see us and read help building_app) and player testers are encouraged to come check us out at port 4100
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